Prof. N.V. Beeran Sahib

Prof. Beeran Sahib was born on 10 November 1922 in Areacode, an educationally backward place at that time, now in Malappuram district.  His elementary education was in the Board  Elementary Mappila School, Areacode.   After 4th, 5th  and 6th form education at Government Mappila High School, Malappuram, he took his Intermediate from  Government   Brennen College, Thalassery.  He did his B.A.(Hons) in Mathematics from St. Joseph College, Trichy in 1946 and later secured M.A. (Mathematics) degree from Madras University.   He also did an additional post graduation M.Sc. (Mathematics)  from Madras  University while he was working as a lecturer in Farook  College in 1961.  

Beeran Sahib started his career as a teacher in Mathematics at Government Brennen College in 1946. He joined the service of Farook College as Lecturer in Mathematics on 14 July 1951 after resigning his job as Lecturer in Mathematics at Government Brennen College Thalassery.  Later he became Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics, Farook College.  He served the college for 31 years and retired from service on 9 November 1982.   Beeran Sahib loved his subject and the institution with equal fervour. His dedicated efforts helped the Department to achieve great heights of excellence.

The M.Sc. course in Mathematics (the first PG course in the college) was started during his period; he made it a point to go on updating his knowledge for the purpose of improving his and the department's performance.  Indeed, he joined several courses for enriching his own knowledge and competence. Setting up an astronomical observatory, Beeran Sahib made it available to all others who were interested, as well as teachers and students.

When Principal Syed Moideen Sha Sahib demitted office in 1955, Beeran Sahib was approached to take over as Principal, but he preferred to continue as a teacher.  However, he had to act as Professor-in-charge till 1957, when Prof. K.A. Jaleel was appointed as Principal.  As an administrator, he carried out his responsibilities with devotion, earnestness and sincerity.  Even after retirement in 1982 he continued his studies and academic pursuits extending them to fresh areas.  He hired the services of scholars to study the Qur'an and learn Arabic.  He initiated research in several subjects indicated in the Qur'an.  A man of great humility and simplicity, Beeran Sahib evinced deep scholarship and exemplary character, endearing himself to all around.

Beeran Sahib passed away on 15 June 1988, at the age of 66, in his hometown Areacode.