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Students Activities

Academic Year 2010-11

Participation in Quiz Competition: 

  1. Ms. Shafna. M. (I Sem. B.Sc. Mathematics) and Ms. Rajina. T. V. (I Sem. M.Sc. Mathematics) participated in the  "MathsPlus" Intercollegiate Mathematics Quiz Competition for 'Rajeev P. Nambiar Memorial Ever Rolling Trophy and Cash Awards' held at Farook College on 13, October 2010. The team won the 1st place and bagged Ever Rolling Trophy and a cash award of Rs. 2000/-
  2. Ms Rajina T.V (II Sem. M.Sc. Mathematics) and Shabeed K.C (IV Sem. M.Sc. Mathematics) participated in the Intercollegiate Mathematics Quiz Competition “GOOGOL 2011” held at St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut on 7, January 2011  and won the first place and bagged the Rolling Trophy with a cash award.
Paper Presentation:
  1. Mr. Shabeed K.C. of IV Semester M.Sc. Mathematics, Farook college presented a paper on "Stability of Linear Systems Using Laplace Transforms" in the national seminar on "Recent Trends in Group Theory and Graph Theory" which held on 24 February 2011 as a part of the College Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Academic Year 2009-10

Under the B.S.R.Scheme, students' projects on various topics in Mathematics were carried out. The technical details of the project were informed to the second and third year students in the beginning of the academic year itself. They were asked to identify topics and to submit a brief note about their plan of action. The topics were then scrutinised at the department by the coordinators T. Kunheedu HoD  and Dr. K.Sudheer and the best six topics were selected as the project topics.  A fund of Rs.5000 was allotted to each student for the project. In this, Rs. 2000 is the stipend and Rs.3000 is the project grant to meet the other expenses including the purchase of related books.
The following were the projects taken up by students of the second and third year B.Sc. 2009-2010.

 Name     Class Topic
 Amrutha. T.K. II B.ScHistory and Contribution of Indian Mathematicians & How Can We Improve thecvChildren's Ability in Mathematics
 Anju V II B.ScThe Relationship between Mathematics and Other Subject
 Rafna M.P III B.ScMathematics in Nature
 Rineesha P.K. III B.ScHow Mathematics is related to Computer
 Thanseela P III BSc An Account on Non-euclidian Geometry
 Thasniya P.A. III B.Sc Mathematics as a Language                                

1. History and Contributions of Indian Mathematicians & How Can We Improve  the   Children's       
     Ability in Mathematics by Amrutha. T. K.
    The history of some of the Indian Mathematicians and their contributions are discussed. The study     
    is very useful to students of mathematics who are really interested in knowing the historical aspect  
    the development of the subject in India.

2.  Relationship between mathematics and Other Subjects by Anju. V.
    “Mathematics is the queen of science”. The project is substantiating this fact with many real life 
    situations and theoretical applications.

3. Mathematics in Nature by Rafna. M. P.
    Nature is full of designs and patterns. The study is a successful attempt to show that mathematics is   
    strong enough to explain the designs and patterns which fascinate us.

4. How Mathematics is Related to Computer  by Rineesha. P. K.
    The role of Mathematics in computers is interesting. But unfortunately it is not much known to most of    
    the people who use computers. The project is a daring attempt to reveal this aspect.

5. An Account of Non-Euclidean Geometry by Thanseela. P.
    Non-Euclidean geometry is a revolutionary idea evolved in Mathematics during the early period of the    
    development of the subject. It took more than 1500 years for mathematicians to say something 
    concrete in this line.  Many “giants” have contributed to this field. It must also be remarked that most 
    of these great mathematicians have spent more than half of their life on this challenging area. The  
    project is a nice work briefing the beauty of the topic.

6. Mathematics  as a Language by Thasniya. P. A.
    Any language is a powerful tool to communicate te ideas in a clear and concise manner. Mathematics has   
    a special structure of a language. Mathematicians are extremely attentive to the foundations of the  
    language and logic. The project is disclosing the beautiful facet of mathematics as a language.

Academic Year 2008-09

Participation in Quiz Competition: 

Two teams of students participated in the Intercollegiate Quiz Competition (Mathematics) held at St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut on 23, January 2009 .  Nipin Das A. and Sirajudheen M.P. (both II Sem. M.Sc. Mathematics) won the first place and bagged the Rolling Trophy with a cash award  and Shabna P. and Najma P. (both II Sem. M.Sc. Mathematics) secured the third position in the competition.


Participation in seminar:

Sminar on "The Career Opportunities of Mathematics Graduates" was organized on 4th November 2008 under the auspices of Maths Club.  Two students of the second year B.Sc. (Mathematics) class presented their views. 


Mathematics Assoication Inauguration:

Mathematics Association was inaugurated by Dr. Joymon Joseph on 28th August, 2008 and shared his views on 'After Maths Graduation' with the students.


Class wise Quiz Competition:

Under the auspices of Mathematics Association, class wise quiz competitions were held on  5th  November 2008.  Following students won  the first positions  in the competitions. 

      I B.Sc. (Mathematics)                        : Nasifa 

      II B.Sc. (Mathematics)                       : Fathima Najiha 

      III  B.Sc. (Mathematics)                     : Rashida 

      I Sem. (Mathematics)                        : Sirajuddeen 

      I Sem. (Mathematics)                        : Sajla & Sakiya             


Talk by experts:

Under the auspices of Mathematics Association, a talk by Dr. V.  Rajendran, Lecturer (Sel. Grade), P.S.M.O. College, Tirurangadi, on 'Coding and  Decoding ' was organized on 26th  November, 2008.  


Releasing Photo Album:

A Photo Album of great mathematicians prepared by the B.Sc. (Mathematics) students was released by Dr. Z.A. Ashraf, Lecturer (Sel. Grade), Govt. Arts &  Science College, Meenchanda, Calicut  at a meeting organized by the Mathematics Association on 24th  February, 2009.